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Original Tommy Hilfiger Watches in Dubai – Only the Best!

Buying original Tommy Hilfiger watches in Dubai is not that hard if you know where to go. The best place to buy these watches is Sealoftime.com where you will only find the best and authentic Tommy Hilfiger watches. Tommy Hilfiger is not a new name in the fashion industry. Tommy Hilfiger is better known for their clothing line, but their handbags and watches are considered to be among their best products, especially in Dubai.

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For over 35 years, Tommy Hilfiger has been a household name for high fashion clothes and accessories that demand attention. Everyone knows that this brand means business and respect. Same can be said for their watches and they have proved time and time again that they are a force to be reckoned with. Their watches are classy and chic without being too expensive or too pretentious.

They have collections for both men and women that are fashionable yet very chic. There are watches for everyday wear, sportswear and dress timepieces by Tommy Hilfiger. They do not make extensive collections; they only have three collections for both men and women, every new watch they introduce is added to these three collections. There is something to be said about simplicity and Tommy Hilfiger nailed it.

Tommy Hilfiger Watches in Dubai for Men

Tommy Hilfiger watches for men are divided into three main collections. These collections over lap sometimes, but if you have a clear idea of what you want, you will find exactly what you are looking for. Their collections include Chronograph watches, Classic watches and Sports Watches. Of course all of them have their own distinct features, but all of them have the hallmark of Tommy Hilfiger brand.

If you are really interested in buying Tommy Hilfiger watches, make sure you buy it from a recognized stockier of this brand. Sealoftime.com is one of the best and authentic retailers of Tommy Hilfiger watches in Dubai.

The watches in all three collections have either stainless steel bracelet style band or they have a leather strap for more of a casual look. Every single watch has the Tommy Hilfiger brand symbol etched on the dial of the watch, right below 12 o’clock.

Some of the watches are sold with a bracelet set to make it a perfect gift for men who like to wear accessories other than watches. These watches are available in multiple colors and styles. You will find regular single and dual toned watches in these collections, but at the same time, you will also find bright and unusual colors as well. However, most of the colors in their sports collection are sober and subtle. The classic collection is very chic and the chronograph collection is exactly what you expect it to be.

Tommy Hilfiger Watches for Women

With Gigi Hadid as the face of Tommy Hilfiger watches for women, you expect these watches to be edgy and high fashion. These watches are not just that, but they have a panache that makes them almost one of a kind. There is nothing that you would want to change in these watches because they are perfect just as they are.

Tommy Hilfiger has created a very well-rounded line for women where you can easily find a watch that not only suits your purpose but also your personality. Like the men’s line, the women’s line also has only three wholesome collections, namely Chronograph watches, Classic watches and Sports Watches. But unlike their collections for men, the collections for women have three different types of bands.

The women’s watches’ bands are made in stainless steel, leather and silicon. The Chronograph watches collection is available in soft hues suitable for women who like soft lines and curvy designs. The collection mostly has subtle colors but there are some different vibrant colors as well.

The sports collection is largely blue with silicon bands for extra comfort and security. The bezel is either gold or blue (depending upon the watch). The classic collection is very slim with beautiful curves and a very soft look. These watches are perfect for women who don’t like flash in their accessories. Most of the watches in this collection either have a leather strap or a metal bracelet style brand.

The colors of this collection are what you would expect from a classic collection. Most of the colors are muted rose gold, yellow gold, silver and dual tone for metal bands. The leather straps are in brown white, multicolor and mostly blue color. Plus, Tommy Hilfiger watches price is very affordable, so it they in budget of almost everyone.

Buy original Tommy Hilfiger Watches in Dubai

If you want to buy original Tommy Hilfiger watches in Dubai you must make sure that you are purchasing it from an authentic retailer. Sealoftime.com is one of the best online portals to purchase original branded watches in Dubai. All you have to do is find a watch you like, buy it and pay for it via COD (cash on delivery) or pay for it online.




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