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Buy Original Sector Watches in the UAE


Sector no Limits philosophy can be described in three words, i.e. Sector no Limits – Indestructible – Italian Design. Being relatively new in the watch making industry, Sector watches were launched in 1973. The watches produced by this company does not only give a good performance, but are loaded with pure technology, innovation and beautiful Italian designs.

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In the 80 and 90s era, many sportsmen faced challenges and they liked to solve them with their Sector’s sport and technical watches. That has built up the company’s reputation in the watch market worldwide.

Sector No Limits sports watches are something that has technical quality and good aesthetics. 

Since then, the sporty watches by Sector No Limits are the number one choice of sportsmen, who love to challenge themselves and overcome their own personal challenges. The quality and innovation used in Sector no limits timepieces are what takes it closer to athletes, as they like watches that are sturdy, long lasting and very impressive.

Throughout these years, the company has never left behind their philosophy and this is the reason why we can find many eminent athletes achieving challenges and making memorable records with brand’s reliable watches.

Best Sector Wristwatches for Men

Mainly you will find men’s sports watches in the product line of Sector No Limit, but if some women like to wear masculine watches, they would surely love these reliable athletic timepieces.

You can find 5 collections in which there are plenty of models to choose from. They have oversized dials to trendy casual sports watches, and they offer many options for men who like to follow latest fashion trends and still keep their watches perfect for their active lifestyle. These collections are:

•    Sector Expander

•    Sector Racing

•    Sector Marine

•    Action

•    Sector Contemporary

Sector sports watches are not flashy or very much embellished, but you have plenty of options when you are looking to buy a sturdy sport watch. These are best for athletes or men who love to go on adventure trips.

Buying a Sector timepiece in the UAE is not difficult anymore. Though one can find Sector watches official website a reliable way to order original watches, Sealoftime.com not only gives you the convenience of buying your favorite watch online in the UAE with official warranty, but also helps you in choosing your new timepiece by our 24/7customer support.

These are some of the best-selling watches for men by Sector No Limits brand that men love to wear on their adventure filled outdoor activities.

    •    WATCH TIME ONLY 850 - R3251575004

    •    WATCH MULTI FUNCTION 850 - R3251575008

    •    WATCH TIME ONLY 850 - R3273975002

    •    WATCH MULTI FUNCTION 230 - R3251161003

    •    WATCH CHRONOGRAPH 350 - R3271903004

    •    WATCH CHRONOGRAPH 350 - R3273903001

You can find multiple varieties of bands in the Sector expander watch and other collections too. Sector watch bands are a thing that makes this brand eminent when it comes to buying sports watches. The brand is not only popular for making sturdy watches, but is widely known among those people who love to face challenges and conquer them by giving their best performance. It would not be wrong to say that Sector timepieces are not just to tell time, but they have some deep association with those who wear them.

The multifunction, dual time, self-winding and time only watches are a choice of athletes and those people who want more functions in a watch. Along with telling time, these watches have a great style, which is thanks to their Italian designers. The materials used in making Sector watches are natural leather, leather, soft-touch rubber, silicone, steel, PVD rose gold and PVD gold. The chronographs and elegant leather band wristwatches by Sector No Limit have something for everyone.

Sector Wristwatches for Women

This might be a little bit disappointing for the female clientele that Sector does not have many products for females. You can find only 6 models in females watches category, but some of the wristwatches are equally good for women to wear as well. If you are a Tomboy or love to wear masculine watches then definitely you would find something trendy in men’s watches category that would suit on your wrist too.

Sector Watches Prices

The wristwatches made by Sector no limit are not very affordable, but fall in the affordable expensive category. With quartz movement, quality rubber straps, and multiple dials, these watches are what one wants in trendy sports watches. You can also find some of the products to be very expensive due to their good quality and more innovative technology.

The Sector watch company has some of the products that are priced near $100, but most of them more expensive.  The men’s watches product line has around 40 models, so you can imagine the price range would not go beyond one’s reach. Thus, a Sector dive master or sports watch will not cost you a fortune, and by only spending some extra bucks will get you a long-lasting, trendy and beautiful watch. 

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