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Buy Elegant and Chic Opex Watches for Women in the UAE

The sleek and stylish Opex watches are a subsidiary of Timex watches brand. The style of Opex collections is very contemporary, which is to be expected since these are designed in Paris. The French elegance and sensibility in these timepieces is something not many watch brands offer right now. The timepieces by Opex Paris are trendy, expressive and very stylish.

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Inspired by the prêt-à-porter collections, Opex wristwatches are reinvented every season. These French designer watches have unusual colors, high quality materials and have unparalleled charm that young women are looking for in stylish accessories. The watch bands are creative and have the exceptionally pretty design with simplistic and elegant looks. The new chic trend is to have stylish watch bands that include bracelets too, thus an Opex Filante Ladies Watch is perfect for such women. The French Opex watches have their own individuality, which is not found in other watch brands. Timepieces created by Opex has the style name engraved on the back of the case of a watch. 

Chic Ladies Opex Watches Collections

Opex Paris watch has some of the vast collections in women watches category. You can also find stylish, chic and charming watches with a touch of modern design and high quality. The brand has 17 collections to choose from, whilst the variety of materials, designs, shapes, sizes and colors is also available to their clients all over the world. These are the main watch collections offered by Opex which will fulfill your fashion needs and give you a unique yet classy style:

•    Amy

•    Anita26

•    Anita32

•    Arielle

•    Awa

•    Ballerina

•    Carolyn

•    Clarra

•    Eimata

•    Filante

•    Day

•    Magda

•    Perla

•    Rita

•    Safarina

•    See you soon

•    Youmé

The watches in most collections usually have the small round dials, but only a few of the collections have rectangular dials. Someone looking for trendy and small to medium size watches can surely pick any of these delicate and elegant timepieces.

Design and Quality of Opex Women’s Watches

With a variety of designs and patterns in cases and bands, modern women would find these elegant timepieces a must have accessory. At times, you don’t want very flashy or dazzling watches, but a timepiece that reflects elegance and simplicity that compliments your personality. In this regard, the French designers have made Opex watches perfect for those who want an affordable watch with quality material and pretty designs. Buying pretty watches has been the newest trend in the UAE and Sealoftime.com has a huge variety of these chic watches.

Talking about the watch designs and quality, these watches are made from solid stainless steel and have polished bezels. The delicacy of a watch is no doubt in the bezel and strap, and Opex timepieces for women has such watches that come with trendy, fashionable and delicate faces.

You will find genuine leather straps in Opex collections and quartz movement that makes them more reliable. The analog watches with exquisite and delicate designs are hard to find in other brands with an affordable price tag. The 2 years warranty and reliability of Timex make Opex a more reliable brand in the watch industry too.

One more thing that makes these delicate watches more interesting is their water resistance. Opex ladies watches are water resistant up to 30 meters. These watches have a glass mineral crystal to cover the dial. The Arabic numerals/ Index hour markers has made them modish. Mesh bands in double and single strap add an oomph to your whole personality.

These are some of the watches you can get to make your watch collection more contemporary and stylish.

•    Milanese mesh steel and gold case 28 mm X4034MA1

• Cuir Blanc Boîtier 26 mm X4071LA1

•    Cuir saffiano gris irise Boîtier doré rose 32 mm X4176LA1

•    Cuir saffiano gris irise Boîtier 27 mm X4151LA2

•    Cuir tressé noir et doré Boîtier 15x32 mm X0391LH3

•    Maille milanaise Boîtier 15x32 mm X0391MA2

•    Cuir rose pâle Boîtier doré rose 30 mm X3996LA2

•    Boîtier doré rose 25x31 mm X4166LA1

•    Brins blanc, argenté, doré et perles bicolores Boîtier 21x34 mm X2341LE1

•    Cuir façon python Boîtier 21x21 mm X3231LC4

•    Cadran nacre Boîtier doré rose 23 mm X3826LA3

•    Cuir taupe Boîtier 26 x 23 mm X4091LA2

•    Cuir beige irisé Boîtier doré rose 28 mm X4146LA1

The biggest dial size is 32mm, while the smallest dial size is 22mm. Some of the bezels are also in beautifully colored cases and crystals too, which are perfect for your daily attire. You can find some watches with sub dials, but without any complications. If you want a very bedazzled and embellished watch having lots of crystals, complications or chunky bracelets, then Opex is not the right brand for you. But, if want a watch that works well with day-to-day outfits, is easy and comfortable to wear and you believe in a simplistic style statement then buy one without any second thought.

The Warranty and Prices of Opex Wristwatches for Women

With 2 years warranty and stamp of quality products, these watches are not only affordable, but reliable too. There are some watches that are priced below $100, while there are some limited edition watches that are priced around $250.  Get your next classy Opex watch in the UAE from Sealoftime.com.

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