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Best-selling Nautica Watches in the UAE

Launched in 1983 in New York, Nautica is famous for Sea inspired watches that fit your everyday style and fulfil all your urban fashion requirements. David Chu, founder of Nautica timepieces focused more on nautical style and perhaps this is the reason why it is said that the company knows how to turn Salt water into quality watches.

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The nautical/sailing interpretation of fashion is the new trend, everyone who likes to stay chic adds some staples or accessories inspired by nautical styles to their watches.

The company has a good reputation all over the world and feeds the style savvy people with trendy, colorful and bold watches that are not easily found in many designer brand watch collections. They have sophisticated designs and good performance features as well. A Nautica chronograph is trendy, mighty, and bold, it makes your style statement classy yet trendy at the same time.

Buy Nautica Watches for Men

Being one of the leading lifestyle brands all around the world, they make not only fashionable Nautica mens watches, but have a clothing line as well. One of the most distinguished thing in Nautica watch bands is their unique, premium quality Nautica watch straps with silicone material. The chronographs, Nautica sport watches, and other wristwatches has straps made from materials including leather, nylon, resin, resin-coated leather, silicone and stainless steel. Nautical watches for men have 4 basic watch movements that you can choose from.

Nautica watches mens category has more models as compared to other watch brands. They have plenty of products in women’s watches category as well, but you will find more stylish and trendy watches with more variety of colors and designs in the mens Nautica watches.

These are some of the timepieces for men that one can add to their watch collection:

•    NST 10 STYLE #: NAD13519G

•    NSR 20 STYLE #: NAD12530G

•    NFB 01 STYLE #: NAD18501G

•    NMS 02 STYLE #: NAD18511G

•    NSR 100 FLAG STYLE #: NAD09509G

•    BFD 100 MULTI #N16681G

•    NST 700 CHRONO #N14675G

•    BFD 101 CHRONO #N17616G

•    BFD 101 CHRONO CLASSIC #N14699G

•    BFD 101 CHRONO CLASSIC #N20118G

•    METAL BASIC #N10074


Nautica men s watch is elegant, these watches are considered to be one of the best-selling trendy watches in the world and have good Nautica watches sale in the global market. You can find these beauties in the UAE at Sealoftime.com with original brand warranty.

Some of the famous timepieces like Nautica flag watch, Nautica steel watch and Nautica divers watch are favorite timepieces of men who like sporty and rugged timepieces.  These are high quality luxury watches with affordable prices. As the quality of these watches, you can find some bedazzled, funky and bold timepieces made from different materials. More than that, these watches are comfortable to wear and affordable to buy as well.  Loaded with the latest technology and fulfilling the requirements of American fashion style, you will find some of the most amazing timepieces for both men and women in Nautica watch brand collections.

Nautica for Women Watch Collection

The fashion brand makes lifestyle apparel for both women, men and children as well. The company saw rapid growth and have amazing watches in their collection; which complement the true fashion philosophy of modern and urban men and women. The quality material and remarkable design makes the Nautica ladies watch outstanding. With Nautica logo on the dial, these watches are best for trendy casual wear and work in outdoor conditions as well. These sailing inspired Nautika watches reflect true American style and come with unique designs with along technical innovations.

Although you can’t find many models in Nautica watches for women collections, but there are timepieces available to women that have diversity along utility.

These are some of the best Nautica women’s wristwatches that women should own:

•    NCC 02 MID BOX SET #NAD16530M

•    NCT 18 MID #N10509M

•    NCT 18 MID #NAD11003M

•    NCT 18 MID #NAD12000M

•    NST 07 #N11563G

The New York based fashion brand has some of the best intricately designed timepieces that are water resistant up to 200 meters and have great functionality.

Nautica Watches Prices and Warranty

All the men's Nautica watch and women’s watch collections come with 2 years international warranty. The Nautica watches for sale at Sealoftime.com come with the same warranty. The price range of Nautica watches online starts from around $100 and reaches up to $300.

To buy cheap Nautica watches in the UAE, stay tune to Sealoftime.com sales and promotions page and get your mens Nautical watch or any other amazing watch by Nautica at unbelievable prices.

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