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Buy Chic Kate Spade Watches for Women in the UAE

The UAE is a new hub of the fashion industry and no doubt fashionistas of this region love to try new brands and products that are quite famous in global markets. All the major designer brands of watches, apparel and accessories are equally popular and have good sales in the UAE. Kate Spade, being the newest entry in the watch industry also has a good reputation till now.

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Launched in 1993, Kate Spade New York products has bold designs, along with playful sophistication in their product design philosophy. The sophistication and unique graphical designs had been the hallmark of Kate Spade New York, which they have continued in their watches product line as well.

When we talk about women watches and accessories, there are many brand names that come into mind, from sassy to stylish and elegant to chic, like Just Cavalli, Michael Kors, Armani or Tag Heuer; but there are some brands that are relatively new in the market; but offering versatility and variety of products that are fulfilling fashion demands of the people.

Hot-selling Kate Spade Women Watches

Mainly, Kate Spade has products particularly for women, thus you can find many items in the product line, either those are accessories, watches or apparel. The brand has watches which are ultimately fashionable, trendy, and charming. The incandescent watch dials and bands are something to fascinate any fashion lover. Kate Spade has a vast variety of such watches for women that are chic, classy, embellished and has some bling.

Add oomph to your attire by adding a Kate Spade watch that works very well with your daily and dressy outfits. The polished bezels and elegantly designed dials are something every woman wants in her day to day watch, which goes well with all their dresses and also glams up the whole personality.

Here are some of Kate Spade wristwatches for women that work best with trendy casual to chic formal outfits.

•    Zodiac Metro Watches

•    Kate Spade Washington square watch, two tone gold

•    Silver Crystal Kenmare Watch

•    rose dial metro watch

•    Ballet slipper chalkboard metro watch

•    Magic Holland watch

•    Pave bunny mini Eldridge watch

•    Gramercy grand chronograph watch

•    Kate Spade Gramercy grand watch

•    Gold anchor Holland watch

•    Metro grand watch in brown

•    Vachetta tiny metro

•    Pave cat mini metro watch

•    Kate Spade Monterey watch

Other than beautiful watch collections, Kate Spade also offers some wearables that can add some style to your life as well. The Hybrid smartwatch by Kate Spade has a metro grand inspired face, which is sophisticated and elegant. Along with that beauty, this watch has some special features like tracking activity, steps, sleep, give alerts, takes a selfie and does many more things which you can’t do with a normal watch. With interchangeable strap, this two-tone, and 5 link bracelet watch is water resistant and has a very elegant design.

One does not need to compromise on looks when looking to buy a smart watch, these hybrid smart watches by Kate Spade serve the purpose of keeping you fashionable all the time.

Design and Utility of Kate Spade New York Timepieces

The watches for women by Kate Spade do not have many complications, but they are pretty and quite fashionable. There are some Calendar watches in their collection, but you won’t find any chronometer or a watch with many complications. Kate Spade has trendy, fashionable, casual, and dazzling watches that just simply tell you time and do not offer any other functions or complications.

They have shiny watches, most of the timepieces have round and mother of pearl dials (including multiple color options), mostly watches has Index hour markers or diamonds, while very few watches have Arabic numerals.

The watch faces come in a variety of designs, graphical embellishments or very fine sophisticated dials that has an attraction which adds a bling to your whole personality. The Washington Square watch by Kate Spade has square dial and has few options in the bracelets to choose from. The shiny polished bezels that add more glam to the watch face. These watches are perfect for formal events and dress codes. The signature Kate Spade New York flair makes every timepiece a distinguished one.

These timepieces are made of 100% solid stainless steel which is considered as the most durable material, but they do not have watches which are made from expensive materials or jewels.

Warranty and Prices

The price range of these beautiful and chic watches is $175 to $350. The highest price watches are limited edition ones, which are expensive for their design but do not contain any expensive materials. The Kate Spade New York watches come with 2-years warranty against defected material or workmanship.  You can also get your watch repaired through Kate Spade New York service centers. All the watches sold by Sealoftime.com have an original brand warranty and offer easy payment solutions. Rather than being fooled by dupes, get your hands on with these charming Kate Spade timepieces and log onto Sealoftime.com

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