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JBW Watches in Dubai – The Original and the Best

JBW watches in Dubai are not that uncommon and can easily be bought from Sealoftime.com. The unpretentious people of Dubai like to keep their timepieces stylish yet humble. They like to have something cool yet not too flashy on their wrists. This is the reason why they like to purchase JBW watches because these watches are everything they are looking for. JBW is a relatively new brand that has actually gained a lot of popularity in a market that is ruled by Swiss watches.

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JBW was launched in 2006; their watches are stylish, edgy and very different from what you are used to seeing in the market. These watches are ideal for people who like their timepieces to have an attitude and make a statement. This is not exactly an expensive brand, but still their watches are luxurious and very, very bold.

At first, this brand only catered to men. JBW watches for men were a sight to behold and quickly they expanded their products for the women as well. Since then, this brand has become a serious contender for fashionable watches.

You will still find many watches that are designed and made in accordance with the Swiss standard. Some of them may have the same design as well. Regardless to say, JBW watches embody modern aesthetics and the classic craftsmanship to make their watches really one of a kind.

JBW Watches in Dubai for Men

JBW has extensive collections for men. Since men were their target audience from day one, they have enhanced their men’s watches and made sure that they adhere to the needs of their clients and stand out in the crowd. JBW watches for men consist of collections like Jet Setter, Lynx, Regal, Vanquish, and 562, Warren, Knox, G4, G3, Rook, Strider and Woodall. All of these collections are unique and have an exclusive charm to them.

No two JBW watches are the same or will ever be the same. Every single one of them is unique and made to be enjoyed by all. Most of these watches are gold platted and all of them are stainless steel. Of course, they offer wider varieties of colors in all of these collections. Some of the watches in these collections are single toned, while some of them are dual toned. The band is either bracelet or strap, and you have the choice between rubber/leather bands or metal bands.

The dials are always stainless steel, whether gold plated or not. Some of the watches have jewels set in the dial of the watch to give it an extra edge. Many a time, men believe that only feminine watches can have bejeweled crowns and dials, but JBW has changed that mind set and given us watches that are bold, bejeweled and masculine.

JBW watches price is very affordable; these luxury watches can be purchased easily anywhere, especially at Sealoftime.com. More often than not, JBW has a worldwide sale or discount on their watches, which make these timepieces that much more attractive.

JBW Watches for Women

JBW watches for women are relatively new in the market, but since their launch, they have amassed a huge following for their timepieces. For women, JBW has launched 10 collections; all of them are unique and bring a certain charm to your personality.

These collections are Laurel, Lumen, Victory, Vixen, Helena, Mondrian, Belle, Capri, Emerald and Aria. If you need to describe these watches in one word, you can call them delicate or very feminine. These watches do have an edge to them and since JBW is offering a wide range of collections, you can find at least ten timepieces from these collections that can suit your every mood and personality.

These watches are also available in multiple colors, some of the watches have very cool designs with intricate and colorful dials. The band is either a bracelet or a strap. The watches are made of stainless steel, but some of them are gold plated in multiple hues. JBW watches for women have very soft edges and lines that make them unique and give them an edge over other brands in the market. Their latest fall collection embodies the female spirit and brings the best watches for women who like to live an active life.

Buying these watches is very easy and always in your budget because JBW watches price is very affordable. Sealoftime.com is the authorized retailer of JBW watches in Dubai. We have all of their best selling and new watches, all you have to do is go to our website and select the watch you want.

You can either pay for it online or you can choose to pay cash on delivery. Since JBW watches are all about bringing luxury to you at the best price, you should not miss this chance to get your hands on these watches, especially the limited edition timepieces.


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