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Citizen Watches in UAE – A Brand for All

Finding Citizen Watches in UAE is no issue, especially if you know where to go and where to find them. Sealoftime.com is one of the best places to buy quality Citizen Watches in UAE. There is something to be said for traditionalism and Citizen Watches are perhaps one of the last remaining traditional watches in the world. This Japanese brand is almost a hundred years old and they have always stayed true to their roots. This company was established in 1918 and since then they have created millions of watches that are dispatched and loved all over the world.

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They create watches for both men and women so they have a huge following everywhere in the world. They are particularly famous in the UAE because these watches are affordable and very durable. Yes, there are hundreds of copies of Citizen Watches, but the original is still the best, no matter where you find them. For a long time, Citizen only created watches for men, but with passage of time, they added new ranges for women. Those ranges became an instant hit with women and Citizen added them to their annual production.

Citizen watches are offered in multiple sizes; they range between 18mm to 29mm, 30mm to 39mm and over 40mm. These are the standard sizes for Citizen Watches for men and Citizen Watches for women. Of course, these sizes can be adjusted according to the preference of the client.

They are constantly rejuvenating their brand and adding new technology to their already famous systems. They have recently added Eco-Dive technology to their watches. This is simply a way to conserve energy and fight global warming as best as they can. Basically, they have hidden a solar panel under the face of the watch and that panel conserves energy and runs the watch on that energy as much as it can.

Citizen Watches in UAE for Men

Citizen watches for men are known for being very traditional, but they have made some very modern timepieces as well. For a very long time, Citizen Watches had a very similar look. But in the past couple of decades, they have actually modernized their look and the way they create their watches.

The lines and the designs of these watches have changed and may be placed in the market under the name Secret or Lighthouse. Needless to say, these new styles of watches are very popular among men all over the world, but they are exceptionally famous in the UAE, especially the ones bought from Sealoftime.com

Right now, Citizen has three collections for men namely, Citizen Eco-Drive, the Signature Collection and Drive from Citizen. The bands of these watches are either in bracelet style or strap style and in either metal or in leather. The bands are provided in multiple colors so you can choose whatever fits well with your personality and your character.

The dial too is available in multiple colors, but if you are not one for brightly colored watches you can buy one that is in black or white color. The metal watches are either available in stainless steel or in titanium, so these watches are destined to stay with you for a long, long time. Some of these watches are water resistant and many even have some amazing designs that can easily rival any Swiss brand.

Citizen Watches for Women

Unlike other brands, Citizen uses the same collection for their watches for women. Citizen watches for women are available in the same collections like men, so you will find the same features of Citizen Eco-Drive, the Signature Collection and Drive from Citizen in their watches for women. Of course, there are many unisex watches by Citizen as well and they are pretty good too, especially for the women who don’t like the slim and small designs.

The bands are available in multiple colors so even if you don’t like slim and compact watches, you can still get your fix of fashionable watches. If you like vibrant colors, Citizen has a huge collection of these watches for you. Just like their watches for men, their watches for women are available in either a strap or bracelet design. Of course, these watches have a level of grace and sophistication that other brands lack.

Their cases are either made of stainless steel or with titanium. Many women like to keep their citizen watches and keep them as heirlooms and pass them on for generations, like their favorite set of pearls. Plus, as these watches are not that expensive; people seem to have a lot of sentimental value for these watches.

Buying a good citizen watch in the UAE is not that difficult, especially if you are buying it from Sealoftime.com. Purchasing your favorite watch from here is very easy. Simply select the watch you want to buy and pay for it online or pay cash on delivery. This is that easy.


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