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Original Calvin Klein Watches in Dubai – Wear Style with Class

Finding original Calvin Klein watches in Dubai is becoming increasingly difficult. Since there are many replicas in the market, it is extremely important that you buy original Calvin Klein watches from an authentic retailer.

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Many people only know of Calvin Klein as a leading American Fashion house. Although it made its name for being high fashion and fashion forward, it is also a front runner in making stylish yet functional wrist watches for both men and women. The brand Calvin Klein is older than what most people would think, but its wrist watch side of business came to life in 1997.

Soon after that, CK watches became a household name for people who like their watches to be sleek and stylish. Where most of the wristwatch world is focused on making chunky and thick watches, Calvin Klein watches are sleeker, more beautiful and fashion forward. Some of its styles are simple; there are some out of the box styles as well.

CK Watches in Dubai for Women

It is really not that hard to imagine that a brand like Calvin Klein would cater to mainly female market. Since their main focus is being fashion forward and original, these two qualities sit well with the female population.

The CK watches for women can be found with a leather strap or band or in metal as well. Though, most of their best selling watches are with a leather or satin band, the metal ones are a big hit with working women who like to make a statement with their accessories.

Several of their latest designs are minimalist, very simple and very delicate. Yet at the same time, these watches are bold and best for energetic youthful people who like to keep their accessories simple but classy.

Calvin Klein Watches are divided into two different categories or collection; CK Glam and Calvin Klein Color. The Calvin Klein Color is giving a shout out to the 90s culture, and since it has revived somewhat, this collection is perfect for the hipsters and the young at heart.

The collection consists of bright and fun colored watches, designs are very minimalist in nature and the band of these watches is made of silicon. These colors make a statement wherever you go and an instant hit with people who want to standout in the crowd.

Perhaps their most popular watch for women is Calvin Klein Body. This very feminine and very unique design was an instant hit with the female populations all over the world, especially in Dubai. This gold bracelet watch has exquisite lines, amazing structure and solid body. This embodies the modern woman and is perfect for the confident women with a touch a touch of sophistication.

CK Watches for Men

The CK Watches for men are not that different from any other Swiss brand in the market. The CK watches are considered the best by men who like less flash and more functionality. Nonetheless, Calvin Klein being Calvin Klein, they added an extra flair of style in their simplistic designs to give these watches an extra edge and make them stand out in the crowd.

Perhaps the best selling men’s watch by Calvin Klein is CK City Chronograph collection. These watches are big and bold and perfect for men at work. These dress watches have both leather bands and metal bands and various shades and colors that are both masculine and very attractive.

These watches are also very minimalist in design, but they don’t lack anything. Since most of these are also Swiss made, you can add durability and longevity to their qualities and characteristics. CK watches price is very affordable. Since these are made for men and women from every walk of life, CK watches have a price that you can afford. Of course, they do have some pricy numbers as well and they make the perfect gift for someone you love.

Where Can You Buy Original Calvin Klein Watches In Dubai?

You could go to any retail shop in the Dubai market, or you could actually stay at home and place your order for the CK Watches you like from an authentic retailer of Calvin Klein watches. sealoftime.com is one of the authorized retailers of CK watches in Dubai. We have full stock of all the best selling CK watches that you may be trying to find.

Our process is very easy. Simply log on to our website, find the Calvin Klein watch you are looking for and buy it. You can pay for it online or you could choose cash on delivery method for your convenience. All of your information is safe with us.

Since it is very difficult to find a retailer who sells authentic and original Calvin Klein watches in Dubai, using an authorized retailer like us is your best bet to get the watch you want without any hassle.




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