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Bulova Watches In UAE – Swiss Brand For Everyone

Bulova watches in UAE can easily be found at Sealoftime.com. You may know of Bulova because of Bulova Accutron series. This was the collection of watches that brought Boluva in the mainstream wrist watch market. This is a Swiss brand and a subsidiary of Citizen Watches.

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This is primarily a man’s brand, but they have released many collections dedicated to women as well and they have been a great hit all over the world. Right now, Bulova watches are sold all over the world, but UAE especially loves this brand.

Since this brand is luxury and affordability rolled in one, you will not only come to love it, you will also want this watch to be on your wrist all the time. These watches not only have the luxury of Swiss watch, they also have the Swiss quality that other brands do as well.

There is nothing in this brand that you will not love. It is a wholesome brand that brings durability, style and comfort to you, so that you can enjoy your timepiece and look as stylish or comfortable you want. These are sturdy watches that make a statement and have an edge to it that makes you stand out wherever you are.

Bulova Watches in UAE for Men

Bulova started as a premium watch brand for men all over the world. This is the reason why you see more collections for men than for women in this brand. However, that does not mean that they mean less to the company.

The collections devoted to men are very masculine and have a dominating quality to them. These watches are the alphas of the watch industry, especially the Bulova Accurton and Bulova Marine Star series.

Bulova watches for men offers Curv, Special Edition, Precisionist, Accutron II, Marine Star, Automatic, Classic, Diamond, Crystal, Harley-Davidson and Frank Lloyd Wright. All of these collections very masculine and bring something fresh to the wearer.

The Curv series is very bold and dark. Some of its most famous watches are the ones with pitch black dial, brown and bezel. With black leather bands and stainless steel case, these chronograph watches are a great hit with men of power. Some of the watches have rose gold or dull gold accents and cases as well. And of course, some of the watches in these collections are silver as well as dual toned. All of them have three sub dials with gold, steel or rose gold hands and markings.

The Precisionist collection has four sub dials. The hands in these watches are different color to bring a little something extra to this edgy timepiece. These very big and masculine watches are very bold, most of them are stainless steel and only one of them has a leather strap, the rest of the timepieces have a bracelet style band.

Boluva Watches for Women

Bulova Watches for Women are very feminine and refined. These watches have soft edges and sharp curves. Granted, Bulova does not have as many female collections, but what they have are amazing and women all over the world are very fond of them.

Their women’s watches belong to collections like Diamonds, Classic, Crystals, Harley-Davidson and Frank Lloyd Wright. Perhaps their most famous women’s collection is Diamonds. As the name suggests, this collection has timepieces that have diamonds engraved on them. Some of them are quite simple, whereas, some of them are very flashy and glittery. Some of them have one dial, whereas quite a few of them two dials with night and day indicators.

The diamond collection does not have one single design that is followed throughout the collection. With two toned metal bracelet style or leather strap bands, colorful dials and classical cuts, the diamond collection is one of the most unique watches by Boluva.

The classic collection for women has some very solid colors and very vintage feel to it. These styles are graceful and very elegant; these timeless pieces are slim, small and very delicate looking. There is a wide variety of watches with metal bands or leather straps, all of which go back to the original retro and vintage style watches that we all have been in love with.

Bulova watches prices fall somewhere between Swiss luxury watches and regular high brand watches. These watches are not that expensive, but they are not cheap as well. This is the reason why you need to be careful where you buy these from.

You need to ensure that the retailer or dealer you buy it from is authentic and only deals in original watches by Bulova. If you live in the UAE and surrounding areas, Sealoftime.com is the right choice for you. We only deal in original Bulova watches and even offer cash on delivery to customers who are not comfortable with paying online.



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