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Buy Exclusive Binger Watches in the UAE

Binger watches were founded in 1853. They have the tradition of adopting Swiss watchmaking with a flare of modernity. The timeless elegance in a watch adds more value to it, thus watch collectors or savvy watch lovers are always looking for timepieces which combine luxury, innovation and have a price tag that wouldn’t cost them a fortune.

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You have dozens of watch brands to choose from; whilst a lot of designer brands offering watches that are elegant and have exclusive designs. What makes Binger timepieces different is the quality and design under a price tag that many designer watch brands might not be able to offer.

The timepieces made by Binger are for both men and women and come from 7 different watch collections, having elegant and enchanting designs. It is usually mistaken that Binger watches are Chinese made, but originally the watches under Binger banner are from Switzerland and have great styling. Sometimes they look similar to few watches of renowned brands, but the designs and functions offered in that particular price tag are not what major watch brands offer.

Since 1853, Binger Swiss are famous for delivering watches that match your budget and have all the necessary functions that one desires. The watch reviews of Binger timepieces reflect that buying a Binger watch would not make you regret, rather you wear a same old watch every day, and you can buy different watches with every dress, due to the affordability of the brand.

Buy Binger Women Watches in the UAE.

Binger has some very pretty watches for women, including, calendar watches, dressy leather strap watches, chronographs and much more. Another good thing about these elegant women’s watches is that they come with water resistance¸ mother of pearl dial, diamond index hour markers, gold, rose gold cases and vibrant colors. Such timepieces are best for casual, trendy and even semi-formal use. They have good functionality, offer stylish and luxurious look along with telling accurate time. With the trust of Swiss Watchmaking, this might shock you, that Europe’s favorite car brand, Infiniti, had joined hands with Binger for collective ventures. Also, the owner of an Infiniti M series gets a master collection mechanical watch as a gift.

You will find elegant ceramic watches, stainless steel, and beautifully designed dials’ watches in Binger women’s watch collection. Here are some of the best women’s Binger watches to buy:

•    Binger women, leather strap quartz butterfly diamond dial B-3019L

•    Casual lady rhinestone diamond waterproof quartz dress table BBPS

•    BG9006

•    Binger Women Crystal Bezel

•    Binger Perpetual Date-Just

•    Binger Ceramic casual sapphire watch - legendary petals tables

Designs and Utility of Binger Wristwatches

Someone looking to buy a modern mechanical wristwatch that has genuine leather, stainless steel, impressive chunky bracelet, shiny and impressive face, good aesthetic and technical innovations, then Binger has something to offer you. The symbol of Swiss watch making with brand logo makes these watches more likely to buy when someone wants to buy a watch under his/her budget that offers good functionality as well. A longstanding timepiece that can be worn on semi-formal occasions offering great sophistication not only tells how much good taste you have, but also tells how wise you are when it comes to buying accessories and watches.

Additionally, they have self-winding, modern mechanical watches, diver quality watches, up to 100-meter water resistance, roman numerals or index markers and luminescent hands.

A Binger watch Swiss made is something that is elegant, technical precision and has a timeless design. Subdials on the main dial, covered with sapphire crystal make a Binger Swiss watch more likable. Open case dials in Dolce 2017 collection has watches to impress. People in the UAE usually like extravagant timepieces, and these watches suit best to their style statement. All watches in all those 7 collections has round dials, if you want a unique shape dial or a rectangular one, you will not be catered by this brand.

Watches for Men by Binger

The 7 watch collections by Binger have some of the very exclusive watches that are priced at quite an affordable price, offering exorbitant styling and some flashy looks. Even the dress watches in men’s collection are so enormously styled that you won’t be able to hide them when it’s wrapped around your wrist.

These are some of the men’s Binger watches that you would like to add to your watch collection.

•    Docle 7880

•    Docle 7883

•    Chronograph Multi-Function watch with Silver Bezel 9202B-P01AYK

•    Black Multifunction Chronograph Rose Gold With Leather Strap

•    9092A-P01AY

•    9202B-P51EY

•    9202B-P57EY

•    Contorno 7301/7202

The Seven watch collection by Binger are:

•    Contorno

•    Diadora

•    Dolce

•    Migliore

•    Primavera

•    Regale

•    Secondo

You can also get your next flashy and extravagant Binger wristwatch from Sealoftime.com only. With one-year brand warranty and guarantee of genuine products, you can buy these beautiful watches at Sealoftime.com anytime of the year.

The watch prices starts from below $100 and even a very costly watch would be priced around $400. The affordability and luxury attached to these watches made them more desirable.

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